Custom Love Key Necklace
Custom Love Key Necklace
Custom Love Key Necklace
Custom Love Key Necklace

Custom Love Key Necklace

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Personalized Silverypets Love Key Necklace made to honor the memory of your lover. The perfect gift for your lover. Choose from steel and gold!

First, store the gold jewelry separately in a jewelry box or suede. After wearing it, do not store it with other jewelry or accessories to prevent scratches between each other.

Clean the gold jewelry regularly. This ensures that the jewelry exhibits the best gloss and is more durable. The method of cleaning gold jewelry is the same as other precious jewelry; use a commercially available jewelry cleaner, or soak it in a solution of soap and water, and then wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

When we receive your order, we will deliver your picture to a dedicated designer. The production cycle takes 3-5 days. After the production is completed, we will ship it as soon as possible.

The transportation cycle depends on the logistics you choose, and the specific time limit can be viewed by clicking here

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